APTA On Orientation Day: What you need to know!

Walking in to Orientation Day can be a little overwhelming. We thought we’d break down what you get for your money at the APTA table on August 12th.

  1. APTA Membership ($10) you are joining a group of moms and dads working to ensure that teachers and staff have the resources they need to continue to challenge and support our students. You also get a free calendar filled with important dates and pictures from our 2015 Student Art Show.
  2. Planners ($6 EACH) – being organized is one of the keys to success and these planners are an essential classroom tool to keep your student on track.
  3. Teacher/Staff Appreciation ($20 per child) – Wish you were organized enough to remember a holiday gift or little treat for the teachers and staff that make our school great? You don’t have to! By contributing to this fund, we ensure that all teachers and staff feel your appreciation throughout the year.
  4. T-Shirts ($10 EACH) – A great way to share your Anchorage pride, be recognized as a volunteer at school events, and all profits go to support teacher classroom requests.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities (FREE) – what we want most of all is your support and involvement. We will have sign up sheet for roles big and small that all play an important part in serving our school.

We are looking forward to meeting new families, connecting with returning ones and want to hear your ideas! We look forward to having you as an active part of the APTA community.