2016-2017 Calendar

Each year, a local printer has donated the printing costs of our APTA calendar. Unfortunately, this donation was not available to us for the upcoming school year. Because of that, we were faced with a decision – spend over $1000 to print the calendar or spend that money on school and teacher support.

Because the school has done an AMAZING job creating an online calendar and because we wanted to ensure that we had the funds for program support, we have decided to provide a downloadable version of the calendar this year.

We know people will miss getting this on orientation day, but faced with the choice, we felt that school programs should come first.

We’ve also decided to feature art from the art show throughout the our website.

If we are able to get a sponsor for next year, we hope to bring back the calendar in print form. Until then, you can download the APTA 2016 2017 calendar.