Community Commitment: Outdoor Classroom Incentives!

Our Outdoor Classroom “Auction Ask” was just revealed yesterday and already our amazing community is coming together to help raise funds to make it a reality!

First: An anonymous donor has come forward and will match the first two $5,000 donations to the outdoor classroom!

Second: Our amazing friends at Lakshmi Farms have come forward to provide incentives at the $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 donation levels.

  • $5,000 DONATION LEVEL: ALL donors at this level receive a Grade-Level Field Trip to Lakshmi Farms during school hours.  Students will have the opportunity to experience sustainability on an amazing level.  Think sheering to spinning to knitting all in one setting.  Buses and snacks courtesy of Lakshmi Farms.
  • $2,500 DONATION LEVEL: Donors at this level receive the opportunity to participate in one of two Family Camp-outs at Lakshmi Farms.  When the weather is perfect this spring or fall, come make memories with your family on the farm – pitch your tent, enjoy pizza, watch a movie under the stars on the barn wall, make s’mores over an open campfire, and enjoy a farm-fresh breakfast the next morning before heading home.
  • $1,000 DONATION LEVEL: Donors at this level receive private access to Lakshmi Farm for a family photo session.  Bring a picnic lunch and your favorite photographer for the shoot of a lifetime.  Cuddle the chickens, ducks & lambs, kiss the ponies, frolic in the poppy fields, pose with the 1952 Ford truck, whatever you can dream up in this idyllic setting.

Why Lakshmi Farms getting involved? “We envision providing an Outdoor Classroom where hands on learning is cultivated and cultured in us all, from children to faculty and parents who volunteer. We want sustainability to be at the core of this space. We propose rain barrels, a composting station, native to pollinator gardens, a weather station, a dry stream and more to encourage children to investigate, inquire and explore their curiosities. We want to build with you all… for our children.”

Lakshmi Farms is a proud part of the Anchorage community. Learn more about the farm and their commitment to building healthy ecologies, economies, and communities on their website.

Anchorage is a one of a kind community and we are so thankful for community sponsors, partners, and supporters of Anchorage School and the APTA.



Each year at the APTA Auction, we dream big about an innovation or improvement that will evolve our school, helping us to continue to develop intelligent, happy, kind, caring, and fierce leaders of tomorrow. Over the last three years, we’ve completely renovated the Anchorage field, installed a new sound system in the auditorium, and innovated seating at the school.

Consistent feedback we heard over the course of the stand up desk pilot and subsequent transformation into the innovative seating program was that when we can change the ENVIRONMENT, then we reengage the mind.

How could we expand that vision, improve and innovate, and ensure that we have the opportunity to leave this beautiful school even better than when we arrived?

By transforming a  less-utilized space into an outdoor classroom and collaborative learning space.

This is a big ask. This is a big transformation. This will be great..with your help!


The goal is to transform the under-utilized space between the School Board office and the school into a collaborative learning space with an outdoor classroom, learning areas, collaboration tables, and interactive learning opportunities like a rain barrel, weather station, native plants, birdhouses, and many other details.

How much of this we can accomplish is up to you! Let’s make it happen!

2017: What We’ve Done So Far!

It has been a busy year for the APTA so far!

First, it has been wonderful to get to know our new Principal, Mr. Terry. He has been a fantastic partner and advocate for all the programs we sponsor at the school and we are   so fortunate to have such a great leader.

Last summer, we kicked things off with our newcomers events. We host a series of events for new parents and students to help orient them to the school and introduce them to the community.

That led right into the new school year where we sadly said goodbye to the paper APTA calendar 😦 but continued with school supplies, school pictures and planners while adding in SPIRIT WEAR! We also funded new drinking fountains and back carpool landscaping.

Our Program committees jumped off to a quick start! Parent Academy hosted the Developing Capable Young People, our volunteers started Art Discovery, Jr. Great Books, we  kicked off our monthly teacher appreciation activities, and we volunteered at the book fair.

We added commemorative bricks to the sidewalk, hosted Christmas in Anchorage, brought in a speaker on social media and bullying.

We’e funded so many AMAZING programs through our APTA cares fund that touch all areas of the school.

We piloted stand up desks and transformed it into an innovative seating program based on feedback from teachers and students.



We will send kids to BIZTOWN, coordinate Jr. Achievement, build the YEARBOOK, host FIELD DAY and so much MORE yet this year!