2017: What We’ve Done So Far!

It has been a busy year for the APTA so far!

First, it has been wonderful to get to know our new Principal, Mr. Terry. He has been a fantastic partner and advocate for all the programs we sponsor at the school and we are   so fortunate to have such a great leader.

Last summer, we kicked things off with our newcomers events. We host a series of events for new parents and students to help orient them to the school and introduce them to the community.

That led right into the new school year where we sadly said goodbye to the paper APTA calendar 😦 but continued with school supplies, school pictures and planners while adding in SPIRIT WEAR! We also funded new drinking fountains and back carpool landscaping.

Our Program committees jumped off to a quick start! Parent Academy hosted the Developing Capable Young People, our volunteers started Art Discovery, Jr. Great Books, we  kicked off our monthly teacher appreciation activities, and we volunteered at the book fair.

We added commemorative bricks to the sidewalk, hosted Christmas in Anchorage, brought in a speaker on social media and bullying.

We’e funded so many AMAZING programs through our APTA cares fund that touch all areas of the school.

We piloted stand up desks and transformed it into an innovative seating program based on feedback from teachers and students.



We will send kids to BIZTOWN, coordinate Jr. Achievement, build the YEARBOOK, host FIELD DAY and so much MORE yet this year!