Each year at the APTA Auction, we dream big about an innovation or improvement that will evolve our school, helping us to continue to develop intelligent, happy, kind, caring, and fierce leaders of tomorrow. Over the last three years, we’ve completely renovated the Anchorage field, installed a new sound system in the auditorium, and innovated seating at the school.

Consistent feedback we heard over the course of the stand up desk pilot and subsequent transformation into the innovative seating program was that when we can change the ENVIRONMENT, then we reengage the mind.

How could we expand that vision, improve and innovate, and ensure that we have the opportunity to leave this beautiful school even better than when we arrived?

By transforming a  less-utilized space into an outdoor classroom and collaborative learning space.

This is a big ask. This is a big transformation. This will be great..with your help!


The goal is to transform the under-utilized space between the School Board office and the school into a collaborative learning space with an outdoor classroom, learning areas, collaboration tables, and interactive learning opportunities like a rain barrel, weather station, native plants, birdhouses, and many other details.

How much of this we can accomplish is up to you! Let’s make it happen!