Program Spotlight: Community Connections

HelpingHandsThe APTA has a committee called “Community Connections”

We realized that many don’t know what those involved do…and it is pretty great stuff!

Chairs Catherine Werner and Nancy-Lynne Walters work with school sponsor Ms. Rachel Minor to guide the Middle School Helping Hands community service club. The mission of the club is to contribute to our Louisville community. Their approach is to strike a balance in their project selection to expose students to the different ways to volunteer (e.g., time, talent, and treasure).

It’s been a fun and rewarding endeavor for the parent & teacher volunteers as well as the students.

For each of these organizations they engage in a three-part learning process:

  • A guest speaker from the organization joins the group for its monthly “Helping Hands” Community Service Club meeting in Ms. Minor’s Room.
  • They go on a field trip to the organization to learn first-hand about the services and benefits that each organization provides in our community.
  • They plan and do a project to support the organization.

Annually, Anchorage middle school student volunteers contribute close to 400 hours of community service through the “Helping Hands” club.

Club participants also developed the club mission, name, and logo.