Community Connections Activities – Fall 2016

The Community Connections group has been working throughout the year to have a positive impact on the Louisville community. Here is what this thoughtful and talented group did during the fall…

  • Uspiritus, Bellewood Campus Anchorage Middle School Students had the opportunity to tutor (or work in the garden) with Bellewood elementary school students for ten weeks (Mondays after school for one hour)
  • Family Scholar House Anchors helped to organize and execute a major holiday event at one of the five Family Scholar House Campuses. This event is our most complex project. It takes several months to plan and involves additional parent volunteers. The holiday event comprises:
    • The “Love Mom Shop”: Our students collect and sort donations from the whole school and local business community to create a free shop where the children living at the Family Scholar House campus can “shop” for and wrap a Christmas, Hanukah, or other holiday gift for their parent. This year, Anchorage school’s very own Ms. Carey McCoy participated as Mrs. Claus welcoming the children to the “Love Mom” shop.
    • A free book store: Last year with the leadership and help of our librarian, Robin Gamez, the school donated almost 100 books through book fair donations and each Family Scholar house child was able to choose a book. Our students, sorted the books by age, set up, and ran the “store front”.
    • Stocking for each child: Students led a team of business professionals (i.e., students managed adult teams) to organize and stuff stockings. Each of the 84 children at the scholar house receive a stocking that contained donated toiletries, puzzles, small, books, and toys.

Congratulations to all students and volunteers on some amazing accomplishments!!