Our Mission

IMG_8194From our historic school building to our excellence in academic achievement. From our nurturing small class sizes, to our visionary faculty enabling our children to reach their highest potential.From our unique traditions enveloping our school community, to our commitment to remain on the cutting-edge of academic trends.

Anchorage truly delivers “roots and wings” to our students.

The APTA mission statement, vision, inclusion and advocacy also embody the concept of “roots and wings”.

Our roots are deeply embedded in our tradition of advocacy, of being a voice for every member and student. Roots are also present in our commitment to inclusion, to offer a variety of opportunities for involvement for both faculty and parent.

The wings of the APTA are our dedication to vision, to work in collaborative effort with Anchorage School to develop relevant and meaningful programming that enhances our students’ experience.  We celebrate the opportunity to provide our children their “roots and wings” here at Anchorage School and through our dedication to the APTA.


The Anchorage PTA is a part of the Kentucky PTA and our bylaws are based on their standards. Bylaws were approved in 2011 and updated for 2016.